Analytic Charts Predict the Future Success of Divergent by Numbers

Piper Jeffrey from Quartz has analyzed the numbers that Divergent is bringing to its social media now and compared it to past YA Films. Looks like Divergent is up there with Hunger Games which gained massive success these past years. Check out the promising numbers and article below:

Lionsgate has been searching for another bankable “franchise” to replace Hunger Games (the third movie in the trilogy, Mockingjay, is set to be released this time next year). It’s doubtful whether any of its other attempts this year (Ender’s Game, Beautiful Creatures and Mortal Instruments) were successful enough to inspire sequels, but, if you believe Piper Jaffray, Divergent could.

The film is generating more mentions on Twitter 100 days ahead of its release than Hunger Games was at this point in the cycle.

In the much bigger world of Facebook, it’s a slightly different picture: Divergenttracks behind Hunger Games on “likes”, but ahead of the other, more underwhelming releases.

Google search results also look encouraging compared to those releases (though you’ll notice Hunger Games is artfully left out of this chart).

We can’t wait to see how Divergent grows in the next months! We can’t wait till the release on March 21st, 2014.


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