Divergent Movie Currently Filming Re-Shoots in Chicago

The Divergent Movie is back in Chicago but this time, they are filming re-shoots. OLV and ABC 7 Chicago news report that in next couple of days, Divergent producers will be in Chicago filming as the film progresses in post-production.

There have been several Chicago filming permits issued for tomorrow, Friday, 12/6, for DVG Productions aka Divergent.

The permits are for filming around 1700 Milwaukee Ave600 Wells St, and 500 N Streeter Dr in Chicago.

The permits don’t give any clue about what exactly they’re filming so we’re not sure if it will include the main cast.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.37.28 PM

The report mentions that filming will be happening on 600 Wells St which was the set for the Abnegation homes. That set however was taken down after production was completed so we are curious to know what they will film there. Perhaps the surroundings of the set?

Are any of you planning on checking out the locations today? Let us know, and if you spot anything, make sure to send us an email to divergentiam@gmail.com!

The Divergent movie will be out in only 4 more months! Make sure to go to your theater March 21st, 2014 to check it out!


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