Posted in January 2013

Rumor: Alex Pettyfer Cast as Four?

According to SugarScape, our Four has been cast as Alex Pettyfer. We don’t know how reliable this source is and we haven’t heard anything from Summit so we can still consider this a rumor. This is what the article at SugarScape has to say: We’ve been waiting EARNESTLY for Veronica Roth to release the next … Continue reading

Divergent Movie Extras Casting Information!

Thanks to for getting confirmation from Summit about this casting! We are spreading the word, so if you wanted to be an extra in the movie, here’s your chance! First Off: YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS AND BE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18-24.  If you fit these qualifications then … Continue reading

Kate Winslet in talks for ‘Divergent’ Role

Earlier, Summit Entertainment released the following statement on their twitter page before quickly deleting it: It’s official! Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has signed on for the highly anticipated film adaptation of #Divergent! This however wasn’t fully accurate. The studio’s statement was not yet official given that contracts have probably not been signed yet. But what we can confirm is that … Continue reading

David Bastian Confirms Max Audition

Recently rumors have raised on IMDb about some of the minor characters’ casting, especially Max and Christina. David Bastian, the actor “cast” as Max tweeted this earlier regarding these rumors: Wow! Lots of rumors about #divergent While I have auditioned for the role of Max, I haven't yet been cast in that role. I'd love 2 tho! … Continue reading

New Image Gallery!

Hey Guys! I have just added a new Image Gallery to keep track of the images that are released as more of the movie is produced. At the moment, there’s only 1 entry which is of Shailene Woodley at Sundance Film Festival but I will keep adding as more and more events pop up. Let me know … Continue reading

New MTV Interview With Shailene Woodley

MTV has a new interview with Shailene Woodley regarding the role of Four. Recently, MTV caught up with Shailene as she was promoting her film “The Spectacular Now” at Sundance Film Festival and did not disappoint with Divergent interviews. Here is a new one they have just released, you can read the rest of the … Continue reading

RUMOR: Luke Kleintank a Potential Caleb?

Thanks to for pointing this out! Actor Luke Kleintank recently tweeted the following: Tested for divergent for the role of caleb!!!! #divergent #shailenewoodley — Luke Kleintank (@lukekleintank) January 20, 2013 This is still considered a rumor however, given that Luke Kleintank’s account is not verified and we have not gotten word from Summit about this … Continue reading

Rumored Castings on IMDb

The Divergent IMDb has two new additions to its ‘Cast’ list. Under Shailene Woodley, Jessica Sula has been added as Christina (rumored) and David Bastian as the Dauntless leader Max! However, we have not yet received the final word from Summit so let’s keep in mind that this is still a rumor. Here is a … Continue reading

Josh Horowitz Interviews Shailene Woodley at Sundance

With her new film ‘The Spectacular Now’ premiering tonight at Sundance Film Festival, Josh Horowitz interviewed our very own Tris and uploaded this picture to Instagram: The Caption reads: Shailene “overalls” Woodley just stopped by. The Spectacular Now premieres tonight! Tons of Divergent talk on its way. We can always trust Joshwith intervies and we … Continue reading

‘Divergent’ to Bring 1,000 New Jobs to Chicago

eNews Park Forest has a very interesting article regarding Divergent’s filming in April. According to them, the governor of Illinois has made an announcement regarding the new filming. The movie is expected to bring 1,000 new jobs and more than $30 million in spending to Illinois. It is very exciting that Divergent is also contributing … Continue reading

New Year Update from Veronica Roth

There is a new entry on Veronica Roth’s Blog. It’s always great to hear from her, especially if she brings us news of the very much anticipated third book! In this entry she talks about the third book, filming in Chicago and a short story that she has coming out. Check it out here: It’s … Continue reading

Divergent Fan Made Trailer

While we wait on more movie news, check out this awesome fan made trailer by MsBassareus on YouTube. This was made before any rumors and/or announcements of the cast but it is amazing and very accurate to the book. Make sure to leave a comment telling them what you think!

Amish vs. Abnegation?

Melissa over at Harley Bear Book Blog has a very interesting article comparing the ‘Divergent’ Abnegation to the Amish people of today. While we wait for more Four news, this is a really fun post to keep us entertained. Check it out what she says: Ever watch the show Breaking Amish? A few months ago I … Continue reading

‘Four’ Role Narrowed Down to Three Actors

Here are some very exciting news! According to Variety, Lucas Till, Jeremy Irvine and Alex Pettyfer will test for the role of ‘Four’ later this week. Given that Lucas Till has previously tested before, he may have a small advantage but we won’t know who gets the part until after the auditions. Hopefully this means … Continue reading

Check out the Divergent Playlist on Spotify!

Epic Reads created an awesome playlist to go along with the novel. Check it out over at Spotify, it is great! It features songs such as Chasm, Help I’m Alive, Starts with One and more! Sounds pretty awesome to me, which one is your favorite song? Leave your thoughts below. Thanks to the Divergent Official Facebook page … Continue reading

Divergent Novel to Become a Video Game?

According to Gaming Blend , Divergent may become a video game now that Summit has filed a trademark for creating merchandise around the novels. Although this is still a rumor, the trademark includes rights to make a videogame. The New York Times best-selling novel Divergent may be turned into a video game. Summit Entertainment, the company producing a film … Continue reading